Monitoring water consumption through data collection

Data collection services to suit your budget

Collecting regular, accurate data means it’s easier to monitor your water consumption as well as spot if there could be a leak. But if your water meter is in a hard-to-reach spot, getting meter reads can be challenging. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive range of data collection services to suit a range of budgets and data requirements.

Automatic Meter Reader

Automatic Meter Readers (AMR) help you monitor and understand how your business uses water, so you can spot high consumption and try to avoid waste. Once installed, they provide consumption data every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Each month, your reads will be automatically uploaded directly into our billing system, and because your bill will be generated based on the true read, you’ll know they’re accurate.

Choosing and installing your AMR

We've three Cello Automatic Meter Readers to choose from:

  • Automatic Meter Reader 6s Flow only
  • Automatic Meter Reader 4s Flow only
  • Automatic Meter Reader 4s Flow, Temperature and Pressure
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We'll supply, install and maintain your chosen device for you. You’ll also receive a warranty for the device, depending on which term you select.

  • You can choose a term between one to five years.
  • You can choose to either purchase or lease your device.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the best options for your business.

Understanding your data

Once your AMR is installed, you can choose to receive alerts to notify you of any issues, provide a notification if your sites exceed their average daily consumption threshold and highlight unexpected usage when your site is closed. You’ll have access to your data via Watercore, a simple and intuitive online system where you can view and download data for all your sites, allowing you to benchmark consumption and identify any problem sites.

Why choose an Automatic Meter Reader?
  • Receive 24-hour consumption data in 15 minute increments.
  • Use nightlines to highlight unexpected usage.
  • Real-time alarms to help identify issues quickly.
  • Tailor threshold alarms – they can be set by you and based on your average consumption.
  • For Wave customers, reads will be uploaded into our billing system once a month and an estimated bill will be generated on this true read.
  • Review data from multiple sites.
  • Use your data to benchmark consumption and identify problem sites.
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LimpetReader devices fit to almost all water meters. They’re retro-fitted to the water meter face so they can take regular images of your meter each month. Each image is transferred securely via a mobile network and automatically uploaded into our billing system. This allows us to provide you with more accurate bills and means you can monitor your business’ water usage and spot high consumption.

Choosing and installing your LimpetReader
  • We’ll supply, install and maintain your LimpetReader device.
  • Each LimpetReader is available on a five-year purchase term and comes with a five-year warranty.
  • As standard, each device will be set up to read your meter each month, but if you need more regular reads, upgrades to daily or weekly are available.
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Understanding your data

Once your device is installed, monthly consumption data will be available at your fingertips through My Account.

For our larger customers, we also offer automatic alerts for high consumption. The LimpetReader transfers your read to our billing system and if that consumption is excessive, you’ll receive an automatic alert, making it simpler to monitor your business’s water consumption and help uncover any issues.

Why choose a LimpetReader?
  • View monthly consumption data on your online portal.
  • Highlights unexpected usage.
  • Help identify issues in conjunction with the high consumption alert process.
  • Reads will be uploaded into our billing system once a month.
  • All Wave customers will receive an estimated bill, generated off their true read.
  • Use your data to benchmark consumption and identify problem sites.
  • Eliminates the need for a manual read and removes the potential health and safety issues associated with meters that are difficult to access.
  • Cost effective solution for reading long unread meters.
  • No disruption to supply.
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Need external sub metering?

If you need to monitor your consumption at various points across your private supply, speak to us about our external sub metering solutions. We can install sub meters on external pipework within your private boundary.

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