Identify savings with Data Analysis

Targeting saving opportunities

If you’ve accurate consumption data, you’re heading in the right direction. But to really achieve sustainable savings, robust and structured analysis of your data is crucial. We can help you monitor your water consumption and proactively identify and target ways you can make savings.

Consumption Analysis

Saving water is not only good for the planet but it’s also good for your business. Our consumption analysis is designed to help businesses like yours keep track of their water consumption and proactively identify opportunities and areas where both water and monetary savings could be made.

Dive into your data

Using verified meter reads, our team will analyse your data and provide you with regular, easy to read reports. They’ll cover all of your sites and show your water consumption and usage trends, as well as highlight anything unexpected. We can produce it monthly or quarterly, it’s up to you, and we’ve a range of payment options available.

How will analysis reporting help your business?

Each report will include the water consumption across all of your sites, so you can:

  • Identify trends in your water usage.
  • Uncover any unexpected water consumption.
  • Receive advice and recommendations from our expert team.
  • Identify opportunities to make savings on your water consumption.

High Consumption Alerts

If your business’ water consumption went up, you’d want to know about it. Now you can, thanks to our high consumption email alerts. We’ll notify you of any significant increases in your water consumption, based on your latest meter read.

Understanding your alert

Each email is full of useful information. You’ll be able to see a record of up to your last six meter reads and your current estimated consumption. You’ll also get an estimate of how much extra water you’ll use and how much more that could cost you if you don’t address the high consumption.

And if you’ve more than one site, each alert also includes the Supply Point Identifier (SPID) for the site where the high consumption occurred and, the address you’ll find that SPID. You’ll also be able to see which meter recorded the high consumption as you’ll receive the Meter Serial Number (MSN) and location so you can start looking into your increased consumption right away.

Leaking pipe

Addressing the issue

You know you’re using more water than usual, but now what? Don’t worry, each email you receive will include helpful links for you to follow. Whether that’s to carry out a self-service diagnosis journey to help you understand the source of the problem or tell us right away if you know what’s causing your increase in water consumption.

Why sign up to High Consumption Alerts?

  • They’re free to all businesses – all we need is your email address.
  • Issues will no longer go unnoticed - you’ll receive an alert within hours of meter reads being uploaded into our system.
  • Identify any issues quickly and understand how much they could cost if they’re not addressed.
  • Understand trends in your water consumption.
  • Receive assistance to carry out your own self-service diagnosis of the problem.


We collectively saved our customers over 1.3 million m3 of water and 941,000kg CO2e of carbon emissions in 22/23 through High Consumption Alerts.

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High consumption alert saves council £30,000.

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