Emergency Help

Contact your supplier for water.

When to use an emergency help number

When things go wrong, it’s good to know who can help. We’ve pulled together a list of the most common times you’ll need to speak to a wholesaler. If it’s outside of office hours their emergency number is listed below.

    Burst Pipe
    Blocked Drain
    Water Quality
    Domestic user

If you are a household customer we can’t help you but if you’re in Northumbrian Water area call the Contact Centre team on
0345 266 0585, between 8am and 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am and 1pm (Saturday).

If you’re in the Essex and Suffolk area call the contact centre team on 0345 266 0534 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday.

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