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Looking to switch your water supplier? The choice is now all yours.

When you switch to Wave, our experienced team of water efficiency experts can help you get the best value from your water services.

As well as offering competitive pricing and excellent customer service, by transferring onto our retail tariff we can help you to reduce your overall water consumption, lower your bills and deliver the best solution for your business. 

With Wave, you’ll benefit from:

E-billing and 24/7 online account management
Direct Debit payments
Hive Leak Sensor technology
A suite of efficiency services designed to reduce water consumption
A UK-based specialist customer service team
Consolidated billing for multiple sites


Hive leak sensor

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The water retail market

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Hive leak sensor

What is Smart Tariff?

Our new Smart Tariff is an exclusive, market-leading water retail tariff that provides you with competitive prices, online account management, free high consumption alerts and an innovative Hive Leak Sensor device for every site.


Claim your Hive leak sensor when you sign up to our Smart Tariff.

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Benefits for your business?

The Hive Leak Sensor can help spot if there’s an unusual amount of water flowing around your property - which could be a potential leak. It is a clever new way to avoid wasting water, helping to prevent the cost and disruption caused by leaks and water damage.