Dip into sustainable savings

Reduce water consumption

Increase efficiency

Lower bills

Reduce environmental impact

Save money on your water bills and improve your efficiency

We can help you reduce your operational costs and your environmental impact.

Our expertise is built on delivering reliable water supplies. Our heritage means we understand how to maximise resources – so you can rely on us to help you manage and reduce your water use. 

Our experts can help to:

  • Help you prepare your water strategy
  • Work with you to develop a business continuity plan
  • Monitor and analyse your water use as part of our Active Water Management service
  • Cut waste with our leakage find and fix services
  • Signpost you to funding options for investment-free asset improvements
  • Suggest innovative technologies to help you save water

See how we can help with our suite of water efficiency services...

Data Collection

An AMR (Automatic Meter Reader) is a device that connects to your water meter and provides reads at 15-minute intervals. You can view your consumption data online. Consumption alarms can be set to help you monitor your consumption. Wave has a full time AMR co-ordinator to manage all your queries.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a dedicated department within Wave that analyses and presents consumption data to look for ways in which water and financial savings can be made. Tariff optimisation, benchmarking, single site analysis amongst other services are all available.


Water efficiency services look for ways to assist you in saving water and money. We offer a range of support from Consumption Investigations to system checks. Our services come with detailed site reports and water saving suggestions.


Leakage detection or repair? Pipe replacement and reconditioning? Sub meter installation? We have a range of services that can help with all your infrastructure needs.

New Connections

Expert guidance and support for customers when creating non-domestic applications to Scottish Water. Whether it be a disconnection, a temporary connection, or a brand new permanent connection for water and/or waste. We assist with the whole process.

Other Supplies

If mains water cannot be supplied, Wave has contingency plans that can be established before the event, and emergency provisions that can be provided in the absence of a mains supply.

Water Quality

We can help manage your entire legionella requirements including the full process of sampling and testing to ensure adequate water quality.

Technical Help

Our in-house consultancy team offers advice on waste and potable water systems along with other water consultancy services including; Water storage advice, Process Engineering advice and solutions Water investigation and testing and many more.

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