Not a Drop to Waste

We want to stop water wastage, but we can’t do it alone. Up to 25% of business water use could be from undetected leaks, so we need you to act now, spot the leak and help save water.

Not a drop to waste

We might be living on the blue planet but only around 1% of the earth’s water is available for us to use. So why are we wasting 3 billion litres of it every day? If we don’t act now, in just 20 to 30 years there won’t be enough water to go around. Business growth could be limited, and water use restricted, so don’t wait any longer.

Businesses use around a third of all the water supplied in the UK so we need you do what you can. It’ll save you money too. Whether it’s a dripping tap, a leaky loo or a burst pipe, wherever the waste happens, you’re paying for what you use.

Make a pledge, make a difference

We’re asking our customers to get involved with our latest water-saving initiative.

We’re encouraging businesses to choose one of our five achievable pledges and make a commitment to help protect the environment and use water more sustainably. There’s chance to win an Automatic Meter Reader for one of your sites too!

Make a pledge

What can you do to minimise waste?

Running out of water doesn’t really bear thinking about, which is why we’re counting on businesses like yours to make a change now. We aren’t asking you to use less, reconsider your day-to-day operations or even upgrade your equipment, all you need to do is watch out for water waste and help stop leaks.

How can you check for leaks?

Some are easier to spot than others, and many can often go unnoticed over time, increasing your chances of a burst pipe. You don’t always need specialist help to find a leak, the easiest thing you can do is follow our step-by-step leak and flow test guide.

Leak and Flow Test

You can also


How we can help

We've a range of services available to help businesses of all sizes understand where you use water, take control of your consumption and find and fix leaks. For more information or a quote for any of these services, please complete our form.

Leakage Find and Fix Service

If you’ve done a Leak and Flow test and it’s shown you’ve got an external underground leak, we can support you with our Leakage Find and Fix service.

We’ll visit your business premises and use our specialist equipment to find the leak. We’ll then give tailored recommendations on how it can be repaired as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

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Take control with data collection

Checking your water meter and submitting meter reads isn’t always top of your priorities, as meters can often be in hard-to-reach places.

With an Automatic Meter Reader, it'll do the hard work for you by sending regular data, helping you gain a better understanding of how you’re using water. You’ll also get more accurate bills and have the ability to set alerts if your water usage spikes above your usual consumption, alerting you to issues such as leaks.

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Take a deeper look with a Water Efficiency Audit

With a Water Efficiency Audit we’ll take a look at why your business might be experiencing higher water usage.

We’ll look for leaks, faults and older, worn equipment that would benefit from being upgraded. We'll then create a detailed report with recommendations on how to make it more water efficient, saving you water and money.



In just 20-30 years we might not have enough water to go round


extra litres of water will be needed each day if we don’t make changes


of all water supplied in the UK is used by businesses


litres of water are wasted each day in England


of business water consumption is likely to be leakage