Making the most of Wave: How to get the best from your business water services

Joining Wave is a guaranteed way of streamlining your water management whilst also ensuring you get the best water rates and packages for your business water needs. With over 300,000 customers to date, we must be doing something right, but we want to make sure all of our customers are getting the most from our service and making full use of our online customer portal, My Account. Below we’re looking at all the features you may or may not already be using and you’ll get an even better insight into how useful the service can be for your business.

My Account online water management

My Account is available to all our customers and is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. You can access your account on any device, with 24/7 access, meaning you can check in whenever is convenient for you.

First, you’ll need to sign up, but this is a quick and easy process and requires a few details including your customer reference number from your bill. Once setup, you can utilise your online service for a wide range of business water needs, as we want everything to be as convenient and stress free as possible. The features of your online account include:

Individual account management

You can manage your water services across individual business premises as well as multi-site businesses.

Meter read submission

Providing regular and accurate meter reads is key to ensuring you don’t pay too much for your business water. Our system uses your historical meter reading information to estimate charges from one billing period to the next. By sending us your actual meter readings frequently, means your water charges will more accurately reflect the water you actually use.

View water consumption

You can check how much water you’re using within your business using your online account for each individual site. This feature is great if you’re looking to see the physical results of water conservation and saving measures you’ve put in place, as you should see a reduction in your water usage.

Make payments and view payment history

Quickly and easily make payments towards your water bill. Secure encrypted payment software ensures all payments are safe. My Account also holds a record of your previous payments, which you can share with your accounts department when necessary.

Setup Direct Debits

Direct debits are the most popular way to pay and allows you to steadily make payments to your account covering your water usage, ensuring there are no unexpected surprises at the end of the year.

You can choose to pay your bills with fixed or variable Direct Debit. With fixed Direct Debit you can choose a monthly payment date that suits you. If you choose to pay by variable Direct Debit, the amount will be taken from your account 14 working days after your bill date.

View and track your bills

All your bills are kept within My Account, ensuring you can track spending and check how your water costs rank at different sites across your business. It makes tracking your spending extremely straightforward.

Update your customer account

There is never a need to phone us with account changes (unless you prefer to) as you can simply sign in and update any business information, as necessary.

Check meter supply locations

My Account can record the water meter supply locations across all of your business premises. With this feature you‘ll always know where water meters are when it’s time to take meter readings.

Working with us for your water services

We offer competitive water rates and fair service to all our business customers. We work with our customers to create bespoke packages to suit their business needs and are committed to an efficient service which helps to reduce waste, lower you costs and in turn, lower your business’ carbon footprint. In addition to our regular services we can also help in unexpected situations such as identifying leaks and other problems you may have with your water services.

We’re positioned perfectly for managing your business’ water and wastewater services. We’ve designed our systems and services with your business in mind and are only too happy to discuss your water services requirements whenever suits you. Get in touch today to switch to us and enjoy affordable and efficient water services.