FAQ: What is a High Consumption Alert?

Our high consumption alerts are designed to let you know if you’re using more water than usual. We’ll let you know via email if your water consumption significantly increases, based on your latest meter read, helping you identify any issues (such as leaks) quickly.

Your high consumption alert will show your last six meter reads, an estimate of how much extra water you’ll use and the extra costs that go with it if the high consumption isn’t addressed. Don’t worry if you’ve more than one site, the email will show you the Supply Point Identifier (SPID), Meter Serial Number (MSN) and address for the site where the high consumption is to help you pinpoint the problem.

Each alert gives you helpful links so that you can investigate the cause of your high consumption, but don’t worry if you can’t find it, we’re here to support you.

How do I make sure I receive an alert?

Our high consumption alerts are free to all our customers, all we need is an email address. Please make sure we’ve got your most up–to-date contact details.

We’ll also need regular meter readings so that we can understand the trends in your water consumption and easily notice if your usage suddenly changes. You can submit a read any time, through your online account or on our website.