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As Water Retailer of the Year 2021, we support businesses like yours to manage their water and wastewater needs, monitor consumption and become more water efficient.

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Join over 300,000 businesses already benefitting from:
  •  Excellent customer service - As rated by our customers on Trustpilot
  •  Expertise in water and wastewater - Make managing your bills easier with everything in one place
  •  Simple billing options - Consolidated E-billing for both water and waste services
  •  Maintained credit score - We work with Experian, so you can help maintain your credit score, just by paying your bills on time
  •  Range of water efficiency services - Innovative solutions and services to help your business save water and save the planet
  •  Easy, online account management - Check your bill, submit regular reads and review your account online, anytime.


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Switching to Wave?

No matter the size or sector, most businesses in England can now choose a water retailer to best suit their needs.

Switch to Wave and join over 300,000 businesses already benefiting from reduced water consumption, better efficiency, lower costs and better services.

With Wave, your business can benefit from

  • Consolidated E-billing for both water and waste services (even for multi-site businesses)
  • Improved efficiency safeguarding your business from unexpected costs and damage
  • Reduced costs, lower water consumption and increased efficiency 
  • Manage your account online, on any device, when it's convenient for you
  • Excellent customer service from your supplier of choice


“Good quality written communication. Easy to speak to a real person on the phone - very important! The team member on the phone understood the problem and resolved it quickly and courteously. A welcome 'can do' attitude”.


“I was connected straight away to an adviser who listened and dealt with my request from start to finish without any issues. Excellent service!”.


“Wave is very easy to deal with, very pleasant people on the phones, makes all the difference. Handled queries and solved problems well”.