Water efficiency tips to help reduce your bills

There are lots of benefits to reducing your water usage. From helping your business to comply with current and future environmental legislation to reducing your business’ carbon footprint and lowering your bill.  If you tender for new business often a water reduction or water management plan can also help to paint a positive picture from an environmental standpoint.


The first step is to educate your employees and get them on board.  You can start with things such as setting up water usage targets and making sure each employee takes the time to think about what they use water for, when and where. Encourage a bit of healthy competition between work mates or even between offices as this too will help with employee engagement.

Site Maintenance

Often overlooked, but really important is, to know where your supply pipes run and where things such as shut off valves are located. If you have an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) you will be able to easily see data and identify trends.  If you don’t have AMR but have a meter, you may choose to take some out of hours readings to ensure you’re not getting any unusual spikes in usage as it will help you to identify any possible leaks. Always make sure water pipes are protected against cold weather as small leaks can increase and potentially burst due to low temperatures.

Interested in a water audit

Why not speak to our services team to arrange a review and see how efficient your business’s water usage is.

Be water efficient

Install water efficient devices in bathrooms and canteens such as controlled or waterless urinals and automatic or spray taps and use water efficient settings on your kitchen appliances, all these can help make a big difference to consumption levels.

Water recycling

Where does your waste water go? Could you recycle it in other areas of your business, for example, do you have plants at the front of your building?  How do you wash your vehicles? You could consider a water butt to harvest rainwater or perhaps a down pipe into planters for your run off water.