How to change water retailers

The water retail market can be a complex place if you’ve never looked at it before. The market hasn’t existed for long, and when it opened businesses were automatically set up with their retailer, meaning the possibility of switching and the potential benefits that come with it aren’t well known to a lot of businesses.

Positive change

There’s nothing stopping you from switching water retailers if you find one that’s more aligned with your business (unless you’re on a fixed contract). Every business is different and there’s no one size fits all, so it’s worth looking around to see what’s available.

If you’re thinking of switching: 

  1. Do your research. There are lots of retailers out there and they all offer something different, so consider what’s important to your business.
  2. Fill in your details. Found a retailer that’s right for you? The next step is to get a quote, either online or over the phone. There are a few bits of information that are really useful for us to know before we can provide you quote:

    a.     Company name and address

    b.     Supply Point Identifier (SPID)

    c.      Whether you’d like water and waste-water included

  3. Review your quote. At Wave, we’ll use all the information you sent us and we’ll get back to you with a quote tailored to your business for you to review.  
  4. Join us! If you’re happy with the quote we’ve provided, just let us know and we can take it from there. We’ll start by providing you with a contract to sign and share a Direct Debit mandate so your payments are set up from day one. 
  5. We’ll start the switch. Your transfer from your current supplier will start within a week and we aim to have you onboard within 30 days so your business can start benefitting from our services.  

Things to think about before changing water retailer

If you’re a small independent business, perhaps you care more about customer service and efficient self-service options. If you’re thinking about your environmental impact, you’ll want a retailer that offers expertise on business water efficiency. The important thing to know is that the price of water will often be very similar, so look for other extras on offer that will directly benefit your business.

Reasons to switch to Wave

At Wave, we know the best water retailers help to cut costs, provide useful advice, and offer value-add services that produce results and protect your bottom line. That’s why we offer all of the above. 

Great customer service 

Our customer service team are rated excellent on Trustpilot and our team of experts in water and wastewater are on hand to provide advice and guidance tailored to your business. 

Online account management 

If you switch to us, you’ll have all the benefits of My Account, an online portal designed with the customer in mind that keeps everything in one place. You can set up payment plans, submit reads and check your bills online.

Water efficiency services

Our Active Water Management team offer innovative solutions for businesses  that want to understand and reduce their water consumption. We offer a range of services including Leakage Find and Fix, water strategy development and data analysis as well as many others. Using water efficiently can be key to saving money, as well as water and the planet, which is why we’re a great choice for businesses.