FAQ: What is an unallocated payment and how do I avoid it?

If you pay your business water bills by BACS or CHAPS we need to allocate your payment to your account. When you make a payment online, we can only do this if you include a reference (this is what identifies your account) or if you send us remittance advice. Without this information, your payment will remain unallocated so your bill will not be paid and the amount you owe us will look as though it is still outstanding.

The action you need to take depends on whether you need to allocate a payment to single or multiple accounts. 

Paying a single account 

  1. If you're paying a single account, please include your customer reference number (the 9 or 11 digits shown top-right of your bill) or include the bill number with your payment (7 digits shown top-right of your bill). Please don’t add any extra information.

Paying multiple accounts

  1. If you're paying multiple accounts, please include the company name with your payment. (Don’t include your customer reference with your payment, or the full amount will be allocated to just one account.)
  2. After you've made your payment, you'll need to send remittance advice to bacs@wave-utilities.co.uk, quoting your customer reference numbers and the amounts to allocate to each account.

If you believe you've made an online payment but it may be unallocated, please let us know as soon as possible so we can correctly allocate the payment and update your account.