Speedy Find and Fix service helps hotel save over £6,000 a year

Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) alerts hotel of high water consumption leading to a leak in the system.

A busy hotel based near one of the country’s biggest airports first had an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) installed onto their water meter by our team back in December 2016. This device comes with real-time warning alarms to alert customers of any increases in their water consumption which may indicate a leak. In the late months of 2020, we began raising AMR alarms as their consumption levels began to rise.

Even though Wave weren’t their water retailer, the hotel were aware of our Leakage Find and Fix service and contacted us directly in January 2021, as visible water was pooling up through the ground. On checking their AMR, they found it was recording 15-20m3 every 15 minutes, compared to their normal 0.5-1.5m3 meaning their average on-site daily water consumption had increased fivefold to 171m³. Working quickly in response to this information, we arranged for our team to visit the site within two days of the initial call.

Locating and fixing the leak

Once on site, our team carried out an excavation around the area of rising water, exposing the underground water main, however identifying the source of the leak proved more challenging than the team anticipated. Further excavation work was needed and when the Wave team returned for a second day, they discovered the source of the leak three metres from the original site. As part of our Leakage Find and Fix service, we then efficiently fixed the issue that day.

Significant savings

Over two working days our team was able to locate and fix the leak, providing a complete repair and allowing the hotel to operate effectively without the risk of rising water. The leak had the potential to significantly impact the business’ water costs and fixing it has saved just over £6,000 per year.

Regularly reviewing AMR data can help make sure any potential leaks are caught before they become a major issue. The customer is very happy to continue using their AMR to manage the risk of leaks in the future, and knows that even though we’re not their water retailer, we’re on hand to help if there are ever any problems.

Real-time data review

Speaking on behalf of Wave, our Business Development Manager for water efficiency services, Lauren Trainor, said: “Our dedicated AMR co-ordinator highlighted the high consumption to the customer after the real time alarm was sent out and directly passed the information over to me to contact the customer”.

She added: “The customer advised they had located visible water pooling up through the ground, and because of the urgency of this job I managed to liaise with our contractor’s in that area and got a team out to site the day after. Underground external leaks are complex and sometimes difficult to locate, but after just two days on site our team located and fixed the leak, saving the customer thousands”.

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