Changes to the English Water Market in 2017

The water market for non-household businesses will open from April 2017. This means a significant change to the way micro, SME and corporate businesses buy their water and waste water services.

Whilst there will be no difference to the way the water is delivered to you, or the way your wastewater is treated, you will have the option to choose who provides your bills, meter reads and customer service.

To date, and until March next year, only those businesses using over 5 Megalitres (the equivalent of 2.5 Olympic Swimming Pools) on a single site in England have been able to switch their provider, and this has been for water only.

In Scotland however, the market has been open since 2008 and they have benefitted from better levels of customer service and innovation.

So, what does this mean for you?

There’s a few things you can do to get ready…

  1. It’s a good time to get your bills and estates in order – think about where your properties and meters are located
  2. Take some time to think about or review water usage
  3. Put water on your agenda – whether in team meetings, training or with your management team
  4. Start to think about staff and cultural change to support

March 2017