FAQ: What is a Supply Point Identifier (SPID)?

We know that water can be complicated so we’ll try not to use acronyms, but from time-to-time you might hear the term SPID which is your Supply Point Identifier.

What is a SPID?

All non-household properties have a SPID. It’s a unique number that shows water retailers and wholesalers which water or sewerage supply belongs to which business premises. It’s similar to an MPAN that you might know from your gas and electricity.

Where will I find my SPID?

You can find your SPID on your water bill (see our understanding your bill guide). In England, your water SPID will be made up of 10 digits followed by a W for water and two more digits. Similarly, your sewerage SPID will be ten digits, followed by an S for sewerage and two more digits. If you’re in Scotland your SPID will be 12 digits and will start with a one or a two.

Your SPID is different to your Meter Serial Number (MSN) as your MSN is used to identify a specific meter, so you could have multiple of these, where you’ll only have one SPID for water and one SPID for sewerage.

Why do I need to know my SPID?

Your SPID holds lots of information about the water at your property. You’ll need to know it if you’re looking to switch water retailer.