Invest in the future: Why every business needs a water strategy

Are you thinking strategically about your business water? We all use water, businesses included, but it isn't an infinite resource. With demand in the UK increasing and more water required for large projects to help us achieve Net Zero, there's more pressure on supply and shortages predicted for as early as 2040.

How can my business benefit from a water strategy?

When it comes to business utilities, water can fall to the bottom of the priorities pile because it’s often the smallest bill. However, without enough water there'll be limited opportunity for future business growth, so it's vital that we don’t take water for granted. Businesses are responsible for around a third of all the water used across the UK, so being strategic about how you use it is important.

Understanding and driving down your business water consumption is also an effective way to manage costs and make savings. Not only will using less water lead to lower water bills, but depending on how you use that water, carbon savings can be made too.

What’s in it for me?

Lower your bills: You’re billed for the water you use, and that includes any that gets wasted too. Even something as simple as a dripping tap or leaky loo could be costing you hundreds of pounds a year. Simple premises checks or a leak and flow test could help you understand if you are wasting water, which could also be wasting money.

Reduce your carbon footprint: If your business is heating, cooling, purifying or pumping water, it’ll be using energy to do so. Identifying areas to reduce your water consumption will in turn reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills.

Stay on target: The Environment Act 2021 includes a 9% water consumption reduction target for businesses. This is to help address the additional 3.4 billion litres of water the UK is expected to need each day to meet demand by 2050. Now’s the time to start looking at where you can use less water and reduce this deficit.

Protect your future: Non-household customers won’t take priority if wholesalers don’t have enough water to meet demand. Planning ahead and making sure there’s enough water to go around could help reduce the number of restrictions needed in the future when it comes to opening new sites or completing large projects.

We can help

Understanding and monitoring your business water consumption, and seeing if it’s changed over time, is the first step towards building a water strategy. As a leading retailer in the water industry, we can help you to collect and analyse data about your usage. Our Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) are designed to help you understand how your business uses water and identify areas where savings can be made.

We’re always eager to work with new and existing customers to implement a strategy that’ll reduce your water wastage and lower your bills. We recently launched our Make a Pledge campaign, where we’re encouraging businesses to treat water more strategically by making manageable changes such as checking for leaks or submitting monthly meter readings. By making a pledge, you’ll be entered into a prize draw where you could win an AMR (T&Cs apply) too.

Make a pledge today and invest in the future of your business.