Proactive account management saves Council over £3,000

We’ve worked with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council since 2016 through the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) framework. As a full NEPO member, this customer benefits from the support of a dedicated account manager.

As part of the Key Account Management service, the council’s 166 sites are overseen by an experienced industry professional, who makes sure their water usage and billing are aligned with their portfolio.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s account manager, Claire Robinson, has been responsible for their sites since they became a customer. In that time, she’s gained an in-depth knowledge of their portfolio, including consumption trends throughout the year.

Sudden charge increase prompts timely investigation

During a routine check of the customer’s bill in October 2019, our account manager identified increased charges for public toilets at The Stray. As the increase in consumption was based off an actual meter read, they suspected a leak. We immediately contacted the council and onsite staff were able to investigate. They confirmed that they’d already discovered and fixed the leak in July 2019.

Recovering costs

Although the leak had been fixed, working together we were able to help recover money lost for that period. Unknown to the council, they were eligible to claim a Non-return to Sewer Allowance within six months of the leak being repaired. Our account manager worked closely with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council to collect the information needed and complete a claim on their behalf, before the six-month timeframe ended. Thanks to the initial finding of the consumption increase, and quick work in submitting the application, the claim was successful. They were given an allowance of 2662m3, worth £3,164.

Valued service

Lizzie Kemp, Energy Management Specialist for the council, said: “We received the Northumbrian Water rebate from the public toilets leak in 2019 – total £3,164. I’d like to say thank you very much for assisting us with this – your help was very much appreciated to get 50% of the invoice cost back.”

Claire Robinson, Account Manager, added: “Our experienced account managers work closely to help our customers look after diverse site portfolios. We support individual premises to reduce water consumption, cut waste and drive down costs, as well as communicate with wholesalers on behalf of customers to get the best outcomes”.

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