Proactive account management helps SportsDirect save time, water and money

Our client, SportsDirect, is a retail company with multiple brands including Jack Wills, House of Fraser, DW Fitness, Game, and Studio. They have approximately 540 sites with Wave and are in the process of switching the rest of their sites over to us.

Everything in one place

Our account managers work closely with their customers to understand their goals and offer advice and guidance on the best way to achieve them. After speaking to SportsDirect about reducing their consumption and improving the overall process, we began consolidating all their sites into one account. As SportsDirect have a lot of sites, their account manager, Erin, knew it was vital they didn’t spend any more time than necessary thinking about admin for their business water. Consolidating their sites meant their portfolio would all be in one place, making their bills more accurate and easier to manage, and meaning they would only ever need to speak to one person about their account.

A good deal

In addition to switching all their sites to us, we also discussed ways to reduce SportsDirect’s water consumption and carbon emissions, saving them money and assisting them on their journey to becoming more sustainable. Because their account manager knew their goals, she was able to reach out to them during Water Saving Week, when our promotion allowed them to purchase 113 Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) at a discounted price.

We made sure our service didn’t stop there. Data collected by the AMRs is shown in the data presentment portal, Watercore. To get them set up, we gave SportsDirect a full demo explaining how it works, which alerts they could set up to warn them of high consumption and how to look at the data. SportsDirect may look to purchase more AMRs in the future to help them become an even more water efficient business.

Keeping an eye on consumption

By fitting their Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs), SportsDirect now have more information than ever on their water consumption but as their retailer, we still share additional data in the form of monthly continuous flow reports. These help to identify sites where the flow of water through the meter is constant and often indicates a leak. This proactive approach combined with the engagement of customers like SportsDirect means they can investigate and catch leaks early which can potentially save thousands of pounds. After looking into the sites with continuous flow, we identified some faulty urinals and, using our Leakage Find and Fix service, have also been able to successfully repair a leak at one of their stores.

A happy customer

We’ve developed a great relationship with SportsDirect due to our dedicated account management service. We keep them updated weekly with our progress on the AMR project, and they’re pleased with the results so far. We’re also looking into how our partnership with Save Money Cut Carbon could help them achieve their sustainability goals and they’ve contributed to one of ours, by joining us at one of our corporate volunteering events, with very positive results: “Very enjoyable, great group of people” and “we have secured our attendance at your next volunteer event, which was awesome by the way.”

We’ll continue the process of installing the AMRs and will work with SportsDirect on water efficiency and carbon savings. Our collaboration with them is fundamental in helping them to achieve their ambitious net zero commitments.

Erin Downs, Account Manager for SportsDirect, said: “Working with SportsDirect is an absolute pleasure, we have developed a fantastic relationship which is instrumental in helping me to meet their business goals and requirements. Implementing the AMRs across a number of sites has been a great success, this will provide us with the tools to help meet their sustainability target, as well as drive down their costs and consumption. I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Andrew Hill, Utilities Manager for SportsDirect, said: “Nothing has been too much trouble, and sometimes as a result of the changing needs of our organisation, I have had to ask Wave to either repeat certain tasks or backtrack to help us deliver the desired results, and this has always been carried out with great efficiency and diligence.

Our accounts now look a whole world better and as a result we have swifter response times and fewer billing queries, meaning my team are much happier.”

Get in touch with your account manager if you think your business could benefit from our water efficiency services.

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