New customer benefits from quick leak solution

After onboarding Manchester City Council as a new customer, we noticed some unexpectedly high water consumption at their site, Longsight Retail Market, a busy and popular marketplace in South Manchester. Our team quickly looked to work with the customer to find a solution.

After signing up with us, our Water Efficiency Services team produced an initial consumption report for the whole portfolio. Using true meter reads, we quickly found some unusually high water consumption and looked to find a fast solution. Our report found that the average daily consumption had increased significantly from 4.9m3 to 35.9m3 in just four months. We immediately arranged a proposal for a Leakage Find and Fix Survey to see what was causing the excess consumption.

Quick Leak Detection and Repair

Our Leakage Fix and Find Survey took place over five days to make sure our works didn’t disrupt business hours for the customer. We used valves to narrow down the leakage area, and once we found the exact place, we noticed a tee which was no longer working. We resolved the issue by slip lining the leaking section, and quickly the water consumption at Longsight Retail Market dropped back to normal.

After fixing the leak, we filed a leakage claim with the wholesaler, United Utilities, on behalf of our customer, where they were given an allowance of 13,396m3 - a saving of £40,441.

Speaking on behalf of Manchester City Council, Lindsay Oldham, Senior Energy and Procurement Officer said: “Wave are responsive and efficient; but at the same time, friendly and approachable. Whatever the issue, Wave are keen to work with the customer, to achieve an effective solution. With respect of Longsight Market from initially highlighting the increased consumption to us through to the infield support to help identify and repair the leak and then supporting us with a successful burst allowance claim we are extremely happy with the result and service we have received.”

Joel Anderson, Wave Account Manager added: “It’s fantastic to have worked with Lindsay and the team at Manchester City Council on this and is an excellent example of what can be achieved when working collaboratively with our customers. This issue was brought to the customer’s attention from the initial and ongoing consumption data provided to them by Wave. The customer’s eagerness to then pro-actively follow up and utilise our expertise, throughout what was a complex and challenging leakage problem, has delivered an absolutely fantastic result all round, saving both a substantial sum of money and rectifying the significant on-going water loss at this site.”

“The work at Longsight Market has given the customer increased confidence that they can rely on Wave to deliver them meaningful, targeted data to identify and achieve real savings elsewhere and support them operationally to see the job through.”

We’ve since worked with the council on other sites, including a further Leakage Fix and Find at another of their locations.

Avoid Waste Water and Unnecessary Costs

We work with organisations including both public and private companies around the UK, providing business water efficiency services. We can help you cut costs and manage unexpected issues, like this customer experienced. Get in touch if you need our help.

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