Leak fix saves enough water to fill 588 baths a week

Since January 2019 we’ve worked closely with London Borough of Harrow Council to identify sites with high water consumption, reduce costs and lower water use using our Active Water Management® efficiency services.

Through an initial consumption report across 109 sites, the council was alerted to gradually increasing water use at Grange Primary School.

By closely monitoring the increase, in connection to the activity at the school, the results suggested there may a leak.

Finding the leak

As part of our Leakage Find and Fix service, our account manager attended the primary school during school holidays to complete a stop tap test.

The test revealed there were two leaks on the school’s supply pipe, using 25,240 litres of water a day – that’s about the same amount of water as 84 baths per day, or 588 baths a week!

As the supply pipe is on school premises, and therefore their responsibility to manage, they quickly decided that installing a new supply pipe was the most cost-effective solution.

Savings of over £1,700 a month

Once the new supply pipe was fitted and the work was completed, water use returned to 1,600 litres per day, saving the council over £1,766 per month which equates to annualised savings of over £20,000.

With repairs complete in two days, and no disruption to the running of the school, the council was very happy with the service and plans to use more water efficiency services within our Active Water Management® suite of services.

The site’s Energy Manager said: “The process with Wave ran smoothly and we were happy with the findings and works involved. We’re also very grateful to our account manager, Jen, for her effective and continued support."

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