College acts on AMR alerts to save £7,000

Our customer, a key further education provider, has been a Wave customer since 2019.

Easy access to consumption data

The college benefits from multiple Automatic Meter Readers (AMR), which we supplied and installed. Their AMRs provide consumption data every 15 minutes and help them closely monitor their water usage. Once installation was complete, we also set up alerts to notify the customer if any of their sites exceed the average daily consumption threshold.

Identifying issues early with AMR alerts

During the holidays when the premises was empty, the college received an alert to let them know their water consumption at one site had spiked and there may be an issue that needed to be investigated. Upon inspection, a tap was found to have been left running and once this was turned off, consumption returned to normal. The alert led to the early discovery of an issue, minimising water wastage and saving the college over £7,000 per year.

If your business or organisation is closed for a significant period of time, for example over the holidays, investing in an AMR is an effective way to keep an eye on your consumption and make sure no water is being wasted while the premises is empty.

If you think you could benefit from our data collection services, you can find more information on our water efficiency page or see how else we support Public Sector organisations.

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