FAQ: What’ll my first bill look like after April 2023?

Understanding your bill

As the first bill you receive is likely to cross two financial years, you’ll see two different rates for your water and/or sewerage. This will apply to customers in both the Anglian and Northumbrian Water regions.

For customers in the Northumbrian and Essex & Suffolk regions, there may also be additional lines for new charges included too.

We’ve created this guide based on bills for customers on Standard Tariffs Northumbrian (PT01NSTD). There’s an example for customers who are smaller users (using less than 500m3 each year) and larger users (using over 500m3 each year).

I use less than 500m3 a year

Understanding your bill 23/24

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I use more than 500m3 a year

Guide to understanding your bill 23/24

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