FAQ: What do I need to do to prepare for a contractor reading my meter?

Your water meter will be read twice a year by a specialist meter reader, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible so they can access it safely.

How will I know they’re a legitimate meter reader?

Depending on where your water meter is located, the meter reader may need to enter the premises to read it. They’ll carry ID which will say they’re from one of three companies:

  • Morrisons Data Services
  • Anglian Water Services
  • Meter Field Services.

If you’re unsure, always ask for ID.

What should I do to prepare?

You won’t know in advance that someone is coming to read your meter, but there are a few checks you can carry out to make sure it’s accessible at any time.

  • Make sure you know where your water meter is located – if you’re not sure where to find your meter, our guide can tell you where it’s likely to be.
  • Where possible, make sure there’s someone available on site – having a dedicated person responsible for knowing where your meter is and allowing a meter reader on site means you’ll always be prepared. Core hours for contractors are usually 8am to 4pm but can sometimes be flexible.
  • Move any objects that could block access to the meter – an example would be a car parked over an external meter or an obstruction around an internal meter. Anything that can be safely moved will ensure the meter reader can take a read.
  • If you can, make sure the area around the meter doesn’t become overgrown – the meter reader won’t be able to take a read if the area is considered overgrown. Wherever possible, try to keep the area clear so it’s easily accessible.

What happens if the meter reader can’t access the meter?

If the meter reader can’t get to your water meter that day, you can still take your own reads and submit them to us, provided it’s safe to do so. We’d recommend making sending regular reads part of your monthly routine. The more data we have, the more accurate your bills will be and you’ll also be able to monitor and spot trends in your consumption.

If you’re not sure how to read your water meter, our guide can help you.