FAQ: I think my water meter is broken, what should I do?

If you think your water meter is broken, it’s really important that it’s fixed as soon as possible. Without a working water meter, we won’t be able to get accurate meter reads, so your bill will be based on estimate meter reads.

Regular reads help us calculate your water bill, as we’ll be able to match your charges more closely to the water that your business has used.

What do we mean by a broken meter?

There’s a number of reasons why your water meter might have stopped working properly. Here’s some things to look out for that could prevent you from getting an accurate read:

  • Damaged glass – The glass on your meter is cracked or it has misted so you’re unable to read the numbers correctly.
  • Damaged chamber lid – The chamber lid is broken so you’re unable to take it off and access the meter.
  • Meter has detached – The meter has become detached from the pipework.
  • Meter has been removed – The meter is no longer in the chamber.
  • The meter has stopped – The meter has shown the same read for some time but you’re still using water at the premises.
  • The meter is going backwards – Your meter read is showing as less than it was when it was previously read.

My consumption is high, is my meter broken?

If you notice that your water consumption has increased more than you’d expect, this doesn’t always mean your meter is broken, but it could indicate you have a leak on your supply.

To check if you have a leak, there’s a simple leak and flow test that you can perform yourself. If you do have a leak, we can support with our Leakage Find and Fix service.

My meter is broken, who do I contact?

You can let us know about your broken water meter by calling us on 0333 207 9283 or by emailing [email protected]. We’ll then work with your wholesaler to get this resolved, as the wholesaler is responsible for any maintenance carried out on your meter.