The importance of water efficiency in the workplace

At the heart of our company’s ethos is our commitment to being as water wise as possible and encouraging this attitude in our employees. Fostering an internal culture of water conservation and good water management, is something we’re particularly proud of and all our employees know just how important looking after our water is. We believe this is something all of our customers can also instil in their staff and work culture, as water efficiency awareness has many benefits for the modern workplace.

The importance of a water savvy workforce

Small changes make big differences

When it comes to water efficiency and awareness, even a small change can have a positive impact on your company’s water usage. Taking care of the environment and reducing your water costs come hand in hand, as you look to minimise wastewater and be more mindful about your water usage in the workplace. There are many steps you can take to be more water aware, such as updating your mission statement and employee communications on water usage and conservation.

Water education

If your employees haven’t been educated in the importance of water management at work, chances are it isn’t something which will naturally come to mind. Talk to your team on the importance and practices of water efficiency and consider incentives such as prizes or recognition for hitting water usage targets.

Raising awareness of existing water efficiency initiatives, government schemes and charity organisations involved in water conservation may also hit home with your staff. You could even consider your own water efficiency scheme and give employees targets to aim for and invite their ideas on how to save more water at work.

Efficient kitchens

Your staffroom kitchen or canteen probably uses much more water than you think. Make sure water efficient settings are used for all appliances and make sure this is something all staff are aware of. If you’ve enough outdoor space consider using a water butt to collect rainwater for cleaning. Also, enforce the use of cold water wherever possible as hot water creates 15 times more carbon emissions per cubic meter than cold.

Site maintenance

While you may not want to be heading underground and inspecting the water pipes yourself, being familiar with your site’s water system is essential for spotting any potential problems, water leaks and issues which could be impacting your water usage and excess waste. A good way to do this is check and reading your water meters in the evening after everyone has left and again in the morning to see if there’s any evidence of leaks in your system. You could also look into replacing inefficient fittings, such as automatic flushing urinals with waterless alternatives, to further minimise unnecessary water waste.

Collecting and recycling schemes

Collecting water and water recycling schemes can be a great way of reusing water throughout your business for washing, cleaning and other practices where the water doesn’t need to be fresh and drinkable. All businesses can carry out audits and see where water is being wasted and look at how to reuse it.

Helping your workforce to understand and appreciate water will soon benefit your business. The cost of your water will decrease, and you can have peace of mind that you’re fulfilling your corporate social responsibility and positioning yourselves as a company who cares about the future of the planet and environment. At Wave we really care about how our water is used and want all our customers to feel the same.

Wave’s business water efficiency services

If you’d like your business to be more considerate to the environment and at the same time reduce your water bills, maybe take a look at our business water efficiency services.