Wave launches High Consumption Alerts to support business sustainability

To support small and medium sized businesses with their drive to become more sustainable and identify potential cost savings, national water retailer Wave, has introduced High Consumption Alerts (HCAs).

Now available to all of its customers, HCAs provide businesses with the opportunity to identify and rectify potential issues in relation to increased water consumption.

Data shows that the UK loses over 3 billion litres of water every day through leaks, with smart meter data showing that up to 25% of business water consumption is continuous, so likely to be leakage. By helping businesses to better track their consumption it then becomes easier for them to spot when a leak has occurred.

HCAs use the meter read data submitted by customers and Wave’s meter readers to support them by monitoring water consumption, helping them to gain a better understanding of their usage. HCAs can also help to highlight any potential leakage or inefficiencies within a business, which can then be actioned to prevent water waste and excessive usage resulting in monetary savings.

Wave customers will now be alerted if there is around a 20% increase in consumption compared to their average read, however it is important for customers to take regular reads in order to for this service to be as effective as possible. Alert thresholds are tailored to the customers’ specific usage and will contain information about the business’ site and meter location, so that it can be investigated as soon as possible.

Wave is passionate about helping businesses drive down their water usage, to become more sustainable and save on their bills. Between April 2021 to April 2023, Wave helped customers to save over 2.9 billion litres of water, which is the equivalent to approximately 116 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Lissa Balmer, Director of SME Customers at Wave, said: “We’re pleased to introduce this new service to our small and medium sized customers and are keen to work with them to support their water efficiency. Undetected or unaddressed leaks not only waste water, but also waste our customers’ money. We’re using meter read data to highlight changes in their usage and give them the power to investigate and address any unexpected consumption as soon as it’s recorded. The more frequent reads we receive, the sooner we can identify any abnormalities or potential cost savings, so we encourage all our customers to take and submit regular reads, if it’s safe to do so.

“As part of our Social and Sustainability promise, we’re committed to playing our part to address the water scarcity issue in the UK and following the launch of our Not a Drop to Waste campaign, being able to provide all of our customers with HCAs is a big step forward and an opportunity to really highlight potential water savings.”