The journey to decarbonisation

Where's your water coming from?

The government has set ambitious targets for UK businesses and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050, and as industry accounts for one sixth of all UK emissions, this can only happen if we all play our part. Carbon Capture, Usage & Storage (CCUS) and the development of low Carbon Hydrogen networks are expected to be a necessity in achieving net zero emissions by 2050. The technologies needed to produce hydrogen will require large quantities of water, a resource which is becoming increasingly scarce.

As a national water retailer focussed on sustainability, we’re already supporting businesses with their transition to a greener future, and we want to work with you too.

Why water's important

It’s estimated that if we keep using water the way we do today, by 2050 there won’t be enough in the UK to go around. But in order to meet our statutory Net Zero commitments, many businesses will actually need to use more water to achieve their goals.

With growing population and the impacts of climate change, wholesalers need to understand additional water demands and any changes to distribution that may be needed so they can plan resources affectively. Now’s the time to think about how, and where, this water will come from and what steps you can take to help secure it.



5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity

Establish a low-carbon Industrial Cluster



100% clean energy

Reduction of emissions by two-thirds (2018 baseline)



Establish a Net Zero Industrial Cluster



UK to reach Net Zero emissions

Why Wave?

We understand the local and national strategic importance of these projects and the pressure you’re under to deliver them. But we also know it isn’t going to be easy. That’s why we need to work strategically to harness your expertise and ours, which includes:

  • Strong, nationwide, Wholesaler relationships
  • Over 30 years’ experience working with sites like yours
  • Key relationships with strategic partners like DEFRA, Ofwat and the Environment Agency
  • Comprehensive suite of water efficiency services on offer to help reduce water consumption and its carbon impact
  • We’re already supporting industry in Teesside and South Humber Bank, and are working with influential groups like NEPIC and CATCH, so we know what needs to be done

How we can help

The key to getting the water you need in the future is becoming as water efficient as you can now. We can:

  • Help you understand your current water usage
  • Offer advice and guidance on how and where changes can be made
  • Support you throughout your projects with 5+ year water contracts
  • Work with you and your Wholesaler to discuss future water demand.

Speak to us

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