Wave helps major frozen food producer to reroute pipework

Rerouting pipework ensures efficiency

When a world-leading frozen food producer got in touch with their account manager to discuss pipework modifications for their factory in the East of England, they were immediately referred to our Water Efficiency Services team to find out more about their needs and make sure work could start as soon as possible.

The client needed help locating pipework on their private water supply as they were in the process of downsizing their operations from two factories on the same site to just one. They also wanted to modify and reroute their existing pipework for the remaining two buildings to allow each building to be charged accordingly for their separate water usage. Once in touch with the Water Efficiency Service team, we recommended an initial site survey to understand the requirements of the work and provide a transparent and full price proposal.

Rerouting and reconnecting water supplies

After carrying out the survey and our proposal was accepted by the client and our team were able to get to work and complete the project within just two weeks.

Our team excavated the area to enable the existing water main to be connected to a new private sub meter. This’ll allow the main account holder to charge each business on the site accurately for the water they’re using. Additional pipework also was added via a concrete access ramp to make the final connection to the existing pipework on the other side of the site. A boundary box and meter were also added nearby. The work was completed quickly with no issues or concerns and minimal disruption to their day-to-day business.

Efficient service with minimal disruption

As with any large manufacturer, factory downtime is not something businesses can afford. As part of our service, we work closely with all our account-managed customers. Their designated account manager is always on hand to make sure any work required is assessed and carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible. We support individual and multi-premises business to reduce water consumption, minimise waste and cut excessive costs.

Wave’s Business Development Manager for Water Efficiency Services, Lauren Trainor, added: “The customer contacted their account manager about some changes happening at their site and asked if we could help. With these larger scale jobs, we always prefer to attend site first to understand exactly what is required and give our expert recommendations. There were a few amendments to what was originally requested, and the customer was happy to proceed. We delivered the project successfully over a period of two weeks even during the difficult circumstances around Covid and the customer was very happy.

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