Switching to overground supply satisfies leak concerns

A multinational utilities company and one of the leaders in energy and services provision in the UK, got in touch with their Wave account manager to discuss a leak at their site.

They knew the location of the leak, which was inaccessible, at one of their 18” supply points, so it wasn’t possible for them to easily carry out the repair. To make it easier to identify leaks in the future, and deal with them quickly, our customer wanted to reroute their underground supply above ground.

Site survey to long-term savings

After speaking to our Water Efficiency Services team, an initial site survey proposal was approved and a few days later our team arrived on site.

Our team fixed the leak and provided new mains above ground, tailored to our customer’s needs. This involved installing the new main with a control valve above ground and around a reservoir. The main pipe was held securely around 4” from the ground, providing the customer with easy access and making it easier to find and fix any future problems.

Rerouting the main pipework ensures they can easily find and fix accessible leaks in the future and has potentially saved them over £1.5million in annual savings in water consumption, if the pipe had continued to leak for a year.

Future-proofing site maintenance

Speaking on behalf of Wave, Simon Crane, Account Manager said, “The great thing about the work is not only was a leak was repaired at the power station, but the new pipe was laid in a manner to make future leak detection more straight forward. This improvement to resilience and planned maintenance will save both time and money in the future, and was achieved by working closely with the customer”.

Like all our customers, we continue to work with them to explore ways of improving their water efficiency onsite, and ensure their water efficiency, wastage and consumption is managed in the right way to keep costs down and act quickly at the first sign of leaks or other issues.

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