Nearly £7,000 in savings for financial services

Our customer, a financial services organisation, benefits from quick access to all of our Active Water Management services, including Leakage Find and Fix, designed to provide expertise to quickly resolve any possible leaks. 

High bill alerts customer to potential leak

The customer got in touch with us after receiving an unexpectedly high bill. With no significant change in their water consumption, they couldn’t see any reason for their average daily consumption to have increased from 0.63m3 to 12.63m3 in six months. We asked the customer to complete a Leak and Flow test which showed there was a leak on the external underground supply. We therefore provided a proposal for a Leakage Find and Fix survey and works were scheduled in. Our contractors attended the site where they carried out the leak detection surveys and found leakage noise close to a side building where they began excavations. Their efforts uncovered a split service pipe which they were able to repair immediately before also checking the water meter which was static. Confident the leak was fixed, our contractors backfilled the excavation and cleared the site. 

Significant savings delivered

Our contractors found and fixed the leak in a single day meaning minimum disruption for the customer. Their average water consumption rates dropped back to normal, and the business made a cost saving of £6,846.21 by fixing the leak.

Our Business Development Manager, Lauren said: “The customer did the right thing and contacted us after receiving a high bill which they were understandably concerned about. They were advised to complete the leak and flow test and this confirmed an external underground leak on the private supply. We issued the proposal and the customer accepted, the leak was then found and fixed within one week of the acceptance. Identifying high consumption and resolving the issue quickly is key to saving customers money and water.” 

Need our support?

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