Library avoids loss of £16k through a faulty meter

Oxfordshire City Council’s 124 sites joined Wave in 2018 through the London Energy Project framework. The council was keen to have visibility of its sites and how much water each premise was using.

During the first meeting between our account manager and the council’s Energy Bureau, we provided the council with a high consumption report that showed water use for the whole portfolio.

Identifying a high consuming site

The report showed a large leak at Library Head Quarters which happened prior to the council becoming one of our customers. The leak resulted in over 19,000 litres being lost per day.

The Energy Bureau confirmed that both the council and the wholesaler were aware of the leak and that Thames Water had repaired a faulty water meter.

Although the meter had already been fixed, we contacted Thames Water and raised a leakage claim for the property.

Facilitating a leakage claim

Following the leakage claim to Thames Water, the refund was received for the waste element of the leak and in total the council avoided a potential annual cost of over £16,600.

Once the meter was repaired, water use returned to an average 1,000 litres a day.

Account Manager, Paul Vincent, said: “After we found that Thames Water had previously made repairs to the meter, we made sure a leakage claim was raised correctly and followed through with the wholesaler on the customer’s behalf.”

Oxfordshire City Council’s Energy Bureau said: “Wave was able to liaise with Thames Water to obtain the agreed leak allowance details. This allowed us to go to our previous wholesaler with the details and receive our refund.”

As a large public sector organisation, Oxfordshire Council continues to benefit from our Key Account Management service. As part of this service, our experienced account managers work closely to help our customers look after diverse site portfolios. We support individual premises to reduce water consumption, cut waste and drive down costs, as well as communicate with wholesalers on behalf of customers to get the best outcomes.

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