Collaborative project saves time and resource for NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services works to help the NHS get the most from its estate and make sure that properties are clean, safe, warm, and compliant to deliver healthcare.

With over 3,000 properties ranging from listed buildings to state-of-the-art campuses, it has a large and complex portfolio and needs a water retailer who understands their needs.

Dedicated account management

As a large public sector organisation, NHS Property Services has a dedicated account manager, Joel, who works closely with their stakeholders to learn about each site and offer guidance so that their water account runs efficiently.

When speaking to NHS Property Services, it was apparent that the accounts’ set up was no longer fit for purpose. With some sites billed directly, outdated contact details and invoices which weren’t easily matched to sites, the account needed some attention.

Improving processes

To improve processes for the customer across their large portfolio, Wave’s account manager suggested combining their invoices to a single consolidated billing group, making it easier for them to manage their bills effectively, with everything in one place.

Working together, Wave and NHS Property Services began the project which involved correcting balances, updating contact details, and moving sites to the new billing set up.

A successful project

NHS Property Services now receives a single monthly consolidated bill for all their sites. This project has not only saved the customer significant time and resource, but means their bills are more accurate and easier to administer. The customer now also has a clean, working template which can be used to manage their water account on a national scale.

This is a great example of how building relationships through our dedicated account manager service, and working collaboratively, can achieve positive results.

Samantha Duggan, Accounts Payable Team Leader for NHS Property Services, said: “Joel and the team at Wave have collaborated with us fantastically, particularly over the last year. We’ve communicated regularly in weekly meetings endeavouring to consolidate all remaining accounts billed on a single-site basis enabling further efficiency to the overall billing process.”

Joel Anderson, Wave Account Manager, said: “Moving NHS Property Services account portfolio onto a single consolidated billing group is delivering a significantly better service and outcome for both the customer and Wave. This couldn’t have been achieved without the commitment of both organisations to find and deliver a better way of doing things and is an excellent example of what can be achieved when working closely and collaboratively. Through this work we’ve now delivered NHS Property Services with a working template to manage the billing of their large portfolio of water supplies that could easily be replicated on a national scale.”

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