Introducing B-MeX – the new survey for the non-household water market

This year saw the launch of a new working group. Set up on behalf of the Market Performance Committee (MPC) to address feedback from the European Economics report and capture business customers’ experience with a wholesaler, B-MeX is a new survey for the non-household water market and will be responsible for making sure the voice of the customer is always in the room. 

The purpose of B-MeX

Wave’s Director of SME Customers, Lissa Balmer, was appointed to the panel alongside colleagues from retail, wholesale, MOSL, CCW and Ofwat. As the aim of the survey is to improve the overall success of the non-household water market, the group are working together to create a pilot survey to support the market and asking questions to define what they need to know and what will help to make the market even more successful.  

Lissa Balmer, commented, “The non-household market has been open for four years now and although there are a number of in-market metrics to measure wholesaler performance, none of them use the voice of the customer directly, until now. This is where B-MeX comes in!”

Survey development

The survey is planned to launch in April 2022. In preparation, the team meet twice a month to consider key issues, think about what the survey should look like and who should receive it. They’ve also been out to retailers and wholesalers to gather feedback and hold each other accountable by making sure everyone is wearing their market hats. 

Look out for updates

We’ll be providing updates on the progress of B-MeX but for more information, including a link to the European Economics report, visit the MOSL website