Changes to your charges explained

Your bill breakdown

Your overall water and wastewater bill is predominantly made up of wholesale charges which equates to about 95% of your bill. Wholesale tariffs (charges) are approved by the regulator, Ofwat, and are fixed by the wholesaler in your local area. This means you’ll pay the same wholesale charges, regardless of your water retailer. Wholesalers review and change their charges annually. You’ll be able to find a list of charges for 2022/23 published on your local wholesaler’s website.


Bill adjustments

When wholesalers renew their charges, we also review and update our charges and publish these on our website, so that you always know what your wholesale and retail charges are for the coming year. The next update to the charges you pay comes into effect on 1st April 2022. 
Most customers will see an average increase in their bills of 5% or more. This is because of an underlying increase in wholesale charges (in the Anglian Water area prices are increasing by 5.4% and in the Northumbrian Water area there’s an increase of 9.1%). The increase in these areas will impact all customers in these regions whether or not you are on a deemed or standard retail contract. 
There are also price changes for our customers in other wholesale areas and these are summarised in the table below.  


Wholesale price changes 2022/23
Wholesale Area Average Price Increase
Thames 4.1%
Yorkshire 3.1%
Severn Trent 7.4%
United Utilities -2.8%
Southern -0.3%
Bristol 8.2%
Affinity (Water only) 3.6%
Wessex 3.9%
South West 5.4%
South Staffs (Water only) 4.5%
South East (Water only) 4.2%
Sutton & East Surrey (Water only) 3.9%



You can view 2022/23 charges anytime by visiting