CCW’s latest report highlights the importance of complaints

One of Wave’s core values is to put the customer first and as a business, although we always strive to deliver great service for our customers, we understand that at times, things can go wrong. CCW’s latest business complaints report highlights how all water retailers performed for their customers over the last financial year and provides valuable insight into the performance of the open water market through written complaint data and direct contact.

As a large retailer, Wave is pleased to have seen an overall reduction in written, telephone and social media complaints and an 18% reduction in complaints to CCW per 10,000 SPIDS compared to 2021/22 levels. And, when plotted against other large retailers, our performance is heading in the right direction.

Written complaints plotted against complaints to CCW
Written complaints plotted against complaints to CCW, CCW Business Customer Complaints 2022-23


Wave’s Director of SME customers, Lissa Balmer said, “As a business we’ve taken the findings of the report on board and are consistently looking at ways to address the main causes of concern for customers, we’ve worked hard to improve our processes and are proud to see our complaints moving in the right direction. We always want to support our customers with things such as including links to advice and guidance around leak allowances or proactively looking into long unread meters and using all channels to encourage regular meter reads.”

Wave will work with CCW and continue to learn and build on our progress to provide great outcomes for our customers.