Why we need to know the landlord details for vacant premises

If you’re the landlord for a business premises that Wave supplies, we’ll need to know your details so we can set up your account properly. These include:

  • Premises information
  • Company details
  • Contact details
  • Property status

This information helps us to keep our records up to date and means we can contact you in the event of any issues, such as a leak, while your premises is unoccupied. The faster a leak can be identified and fixed, the lower the costs or risk of further consequences as a result. Without accurate information about your premises’ consumption, it’s possible a leak could go unnoticed, which in some cases can end up costing a lot of money or even cause damage to the property.

Don’t let your water fall to the bottom of the pile

If a tenant vacates your property, as a landlord, you’re responsible for all utility bills until a new tenant begins their lease. This includes gas and electric, but it applies to your water too. 

You can provide us with a meter reading on the day the previous tenant moves out and then another when a new tenant moves in, and this’ll keep our occupier information accurate and ensure your bills are kept to a minimum if there’s no consumption. Sharing these reads with your new tenant will help them close the existing account and open a new one with us too.

Depending on who your Wholesaler is, there may be water or wastewater charges that apply even when your premises is vacant. If they apply to your property, we’ll get in touch with you.

We’ve made it easy for tenants too

If you’re a tenant, you can also share your landlord’s information with us and our team will follow up using the information you can provide. Sharing this information helps us to contact the right person and pass on any charges.

Whether you’re the landlord or a tenant, you can share the landlord details via our online form, which should only take a few minutes to complete.