Trade effluent forms and guidance

Whether you’re a large multi-site business or an SME, it’s really important that you understand if you need consent to discharge trade effluent.

To help make sure the environment, public health and treatment works are protected, it’s a legal requirement that businesses have permission to dispose of trade effluent – it could lead to penalties if you’re not doing this properly. To regulate trade effluent, businesses are provided with discharge consent.

We’ve created this handy guide to explain what trade effluent is and how you can apply for consent for your business.

What is trade effluent?

Trade effluent is any liquid waste that’s discharged into the sewers from a process or activity carried out by a business. This is different to your usual kitchen and bathroom waste (wastewater).

Businesses that need trade effluent consent can be any size, but some typical business types include:

  • Breweries
  • Car washes
  • Food production
  • Swimming pools

How do I get consent?

To apply for, or make changes to, a trade effluent discharge please download and complete one of the forms below. The forms can be quite complicated, so we'd strongly recommend using the below guidance to avoid your application being rejected.

G02 form (permanent trade effluent discharge)

For help completing the G02 form, use this guide.

G03 form (temporary trade effluent discharge)

For help completing the G03 form, here’s a useful guide.

What next?

Once you’ve completed your form, you’ll need to sign, scan and email it to along with your site plan and any additional information. Please use the subject line G02 or G03.

We’ll review your application and send it to your wholesaler if approved. If there are any issues we’ll contact you within 5 working days.