How We Work With Wholesalers

In addition to customers, the new water market has three principle types of participants namely;

  1. Retailers
  2. Wholesalers
  3. The Market Operator (MOSL)

Retailers are the customer-facing businesses that provide meter reads, billing and customer service to non-household customers. In the new market customers can choose their retailer and therefore retailers will compete for business by offering savings and additional services. 

Wholesalers maintain the water networks, treat water and remove and treat waste water within distinct geographic, catchment-based regions. 

The Market Operator is the organisation that connects the market participants together and operates CMOS (Central Market Operating System) through which large volumes of market data passes to enable billings and settlements. 

As a Retailer, in order to serve your business in any particular area of the country we first must hold a signed contract with the associated Wholesaler(s) for the geographic area(s) in which you operate. In the run up to market opening we are working closely with all Wholesalers to guarantee we have all of the contracts in place to ensure we can supply customers anywhere within England, Scotland and where appropriate Wales.

Because many of the operational matters that could impact on the service you receive (such as water quality, interruptions to supply or trade effluent control) are controlled by your Wholesaler it is vital that as a Retailer we have strong relationships with the Wholesaler to ensure you continue to receive the very best service.

We have an established and experienced Wholesaler Relationship Management team that is focussed on our relationships with Wholesalers nationwide.  They will monitor performance as well as continually looking for better ways of working to ensure the market drives improvements in the service you receive as a customer.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure our systems and processes efficiently communicate your requests to the Wholesaler and allow any resulting communications to be made without delay.

Ultimately in this market, we are your champion, and we will work on your behalf to ensure your requests are handled efficiently and within the defined service levels that have been established in the new market.