How can I recognise a scam call?

We're aware of people or companies targeting businesses and pretending to be associated with us. For example pretending your contract is up for renewal or suggesting you switch to another retailer. 

We'd like to remind all our customers to be extra vigilant as some of these are fraudulent. 

Top tips to help you 

  1. Look out for incorrect names and spellings - Ask for the name and spelling of the water retailer they’re going to switch you to and then check the Open Water website to make sure they're a real company. Alternatively check the Ofwat website for a list of all of companies with a Water Supply Sewerage Licence - in effect a licence to supply.
  2. Know the details of your contract - If they’re telling you your contract is due for renewal but you don’t believe it is, or you aren’t on a contract with an expiry date, check it out before handing over any money.
  3. Is it a good line? If the line is constantly dropping and coming back it might be an indicator of a fraudulent call. 
  4. Does this business have the authority to change your contract? They may be claiming to be from a water company (wholesaler) offering you a contract, rather than a retailer. Again, ask for the name of the company and how it's spelt and use Open Water website or Ofwat to find out if they're a licenced provider.
  5. Trust your gut!  If it doesn’t feel right it is always worth checking out before parting with any money or details!  

If you want to reach out to us the please feel free to do so.  You can contact us via webchat, email or phone.