FAQ: What is a leakage allowance?

If you’ve had a leak, you may be able to claim a leakage allowance once it has been repaired. This is a reduction to your bill to cover the cost of the water that was lost through a leak.

The type of allowance you’re entitled to will differ depending on where the leak is, as you and your wholesaler are responsible for different parts of the pipework. You can find information on which pipes you’re responsible for in the Retail Wholesale Group’s Leakage Guide.

If the leak is found on the supply pipe (the pipes that carry the water into your business from the boundary of the property) this is your responsibility. An allowance may be given for water and sewerage depending on your wholesaler.

If the leak is found on the communication pipe (the pipe that carries water between the water mains and the property boundary) this is the wholesaler’s responsibility. An allowance will be given for water and sewerage.

In some circumstances, you may not be eligible for a leakage allowance, for example if the leak occurred on a pipe or plumbing fixture on your property, as these are your responsibility.

What do I need to do to get a leak allowance?

To apply for a leakage allowance, you’ll need to complete an Allowance and/or Volumetric Adjustment Customer Form once the leak has been fixed.

You’ll be asked to provide some details about the leak including:

  • Two meter reads after the repair, at least two weeks apart showing that the consumption is back to normal.
  • Date the leak was repaired and proof of the repair such as an invoice.
  • The reason for the leak.
  • Where the leak was located.

Once you’ve completed the form, please send it to hello@wave-utilities.co.uk or your Account Manager, along with any supporting information.

How long do I have to apply for an allowance?

Wholesalers may have different timescales that you have to apply for the allowance, but in all cases the leak will need to be fixed. For information on specific wholesaler’s timescales, you can view the Retail Wholesale Group’s Leakage Guide.

I need help completing the form, who can I contact?

We’re here to help, if you need some support completing the form, please contact your Account Manager or get in touch with our Customer Experience Team.