The Cost of Living and Your Business: Weathering the Storm

The cost-of-living crisis is not limited to individuals in their homes and many businesses are also feeling the impact. Many of our customers are having to manage in difficult times and we understand it can seem very bleak, but there are organisations out there who can help and we look to support our customers during difficult times too.

Reduced consumer demand has lead to decreased sales and revenue, posing significant challenges for businesses across the UK. Whilst businesses themselves are also facing rising costs, including everything from employee wages, building rent, shipping, utilities, and materials, and other supply chain and running costs. As the cost of doing business increases, many are having to make difficult decisions on putting up prices, finding efficiencies or reducing staff levels.

Finding support during the cost-of-living crisis

Business owners need specialist support to manage in these difficult times and the go-to organisation for businesses needing debt or money management support is Business Debtline. Trained advisors will offer you specific guidance suitable for your circumstances. You can also get helpful advice from other sources including:

Take the time to explore what these organisations offer and in some instances you can get in touch with them too, to discuss your circumstances.

Managing your business water bill

If your water bill is becoming a concern and you're worried about keeping costs under control then remember some of our helpful tips for ways to save on your water bills and keep in mind the benefits of regularly submitting your water meter readings so you aren’t paying over the odds for an estimated bill each time.

We have a dedicated section on our website to support our customers experiencing financial difficulty and you can always get in touch with us directly and we’ll talk through the options available. We support our customers in a number of ways from repayment plans and helping you get a Direct Debit in place to ensure you never miss a bill. We don’t want any of our customers to be under any unnecessary stress and are here to work with you to manage any bill-related issues.