FAQ: What is an interim bill and do I have to pay it?

What is an interim bill? 
You may have noticed the interim bill you’ve received looks a little different to our usual bills. That’s because this bill only covers your Wholesale charges, including the standard retail uplift, for your business water and wastewater services for the period shown on your bill. 

Why am I getting this bill?
We’ve identified that you haven’t been billed for some time and as your water retailer, we’re required to pay Wholesaler charges up front on our customers behalf. We then need to charge these costs back to you at regular intervals which is why you have received this bill. 

Do I have to pay an interim water bill? 
Yes, if you’ve received an interim bill from us, we do need you to pay it as soon as possible. This form of billing is in line with our terms and conditions.

How to pay your bill
When you receive your interim bill, you’ll need to make payment in line with your usual payment terms. Please make sure you have your 8 or 11 digit customer reference number at hand. 

Ways to pay:

  • Via your secure online account at wave-utilities.co.uk/account  
  • By BACS or CHAPS
    • Include your company name with the payment and send remittance advice to bacs@wave-utilities.co.uk, quoting the customer reference numbers of the accounts your payment is for and the amount to be allocated to each account. 
  • By phone - contact us on 0333 207 9283 and select option 1. Please have your customer reference number available. If you need to speak to us please press option 2 to be transferred to an adviser.  

If you have a named Account Manager, please contact them with any questions. 

Will I still receive a normal water bill
Yes, your interim bill will be credit noted in full and then your normal water bill will be produced so please look out for it. We’re working hard to make sure you get it as soon as possible. Your normal bill will cover both your Retail and Wholesale costs. You’ll be able to see on the bill the period these charges cover.