The clock is ticking

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) phase 2 has arrived and must be completed by 5 December 2019.

What is ESOS?

ESOS requires large organisations in the UK to produce mandatory reports on their energy use and energy efficiency opportunities. These must be carried out every four years and cover transport, buildings and process energy usage.

As ESOS is a mandatory government scheme, by failing to comply you could receive a large fine in excess of £50,000. 

Esos deadline 5 December

You qualify for ESOS if your business:

Employs 250 people or more

Has an annual turnover of over £39 million

Has an annual balance sheet of over £33.5 million

Is part of a group where one or more organisation is eligible

How do I comply?

We're dedicated to helping businesses lower their usage and reduce costs - great for the environment and your bottom line too. That's why we're working with Save Money Cut Carbon (SMCC) to help you comply with ESOS by:

  • Measuring your yearly energy consumption
  • Identifying areas of high consumption
  • Conducting audits to provide cost-effective solutions
  • Appointing SMCC as Lead Energy Assessor
  • Reporting your compliance to the Environment Agency portal
  • Why start now?

    If you completed ESOS phase 1, it's likely you already understand your significant energy use and can get started on your audits. By starting phase 2 now, you can:

      Maximise the benefits of cost-saving opportunities identified
      Avoid a last minute rush as you approach December
      Support other areas of your sustainability management

    You'll receive a fine from £5,000 - £50,000 if you fail to notify the Environment Agency of compliance, maintain adequate records or conduct an adequate energy audit.

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