Paying your bill - advice for customers

This continues to be a difficult time for many businesses and we’re doing all we can to help our customers adjust while keeping the water on. Please continue to pay your bill if you can. If you’re having difficulty paying, we’re here to support you.

Continue to pay if you can

As COVID-19 restrictions continue, we realise you’ll have ongoing concerns about your business. While we appreciated that your water bill isn’t your top priority, please continue to pay your water bill if you can. If you’re finding it hard to keep on top of your bills or to make payment, here you’ll find out how we can help.

Take control with Direct Debit

If you’re not already paying by Direct Debit, it’s a secure, hassle-free way to pay. Your bill will always be paid on time, so you don’t need to worry about missing a payment. It’s easy to set up Direct Debit – just log in to your online account or get in touch and we’ll walk you through the simple set up process.

Find out more about Direct Debit.

View and pay your bill online

If you usually only receive paper bills, now’s the right time to sign up to My Account so you can view and pay your bills online, at any time. You can also set up Direct Debit and submit meter readings directly within your online account.

Find out more about My Account or sign up now.

What to do if you can’t pay

We know water is a vital resource for your business. As restrictions continue to severely affect many customers, we’ve got support in place for those that need it most. If you’re having issues paying your bill because of COVID-19, please get in touch now.

COVID-19 repayment scheme

We can help you make more manageable payments. Our COVID-19 repayment scheme allows you to affordably repay any water or wastewater charges if you’re having difficulty paying due to COVID-19. If you’re eligible, we’ll work with you to agree an arrangement that suits your circumstances.

Please get in touch to discuss your situation and see how we might be able to help.

Live web chat is the quickest way to get in touch. Our web chat and phone lines are open Monday to Thursday 08:45-17:30 (17.00 on Fridays). We’re closed on weekends and bank holidays (England only).

If you need additional support, the Business Debt Line provides free, impartial and confidential advice, with specific guidance on dealing with the impacts of COVID-19.

Please help us to help you

We’re here to help if you need us, but we won’t know about your individual circumstances unless you tell us. Billing is continuing as normal, which means your wholesaler is passing on your charges to us, even if your water use has reduced.

If you’re having issues paying on time or can’t make payment, it’s best we know sooner rather than later so we can do our best to help. If you’re struggling to pay, please don’t ignore your bill (or any reminders) – just get in touch as soon as you can.

Regular reads keep costs down

We’re continuing to read external meters when we can, but some meter readings may be delayed due to national and local restrictions. Please give us regular meter readings to help keep your bills in line with use. We estimate charges based on your past consumption, so without a recent read your next bill may be higher than it needs to be. Submit a meter reading to update your account and keep your bills down.

Customer Protection Code of Practice

All businesses are protected by Ofwat’s customer code of practice. Ofwat has continually reviewed this during the pandemic and revised it to provide ongoing support to business customers. You can view the Code of Practice on Ofwat’s website.