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Last updated: 1:00pm on 5 July 2021

COVID-19: We’re here to help

As government restrictions continue, we’re here if you need us.

We’re doing everything we can to support businesses as restrictions continue and guidance evolves. Here you’ll find the latest advice, what support is available and updates on our services during this time. We’re always here if you need us however, you can also visit our dedicated Q&A page to quickly find answers to common questions.

Businesses in England

If your business is currently closed

You don’t need to tell us if your business is currently closed due to ongoing restrictions and your billing will continue as normal.

When you provide a meter read it will greatly help us in keeping your charges down, especially if your premise is not using water. You can read further advice on meter reading below.

It continues to be a difficult time for many businesses and we’re helping customers that are having difficulty paying due to COVID-19 by offering affordable repayment options. If you’re having issues paying your bill, we'd like to help where we can. Read advice on paying your bill below or visit our Q&A page.

Business closures between 16 March - 31 July 2020

Initial support measures put in place by Ofwat to help businesses that needed to close during the initial lockdown ended on 31 July 2020. During this time, we were able to make premises temporarily vacant and pause billing for businesses that had to close and had reduced their water use by 95% or more.

The support will be applied to business closures between 16 March and 31 July 2020 only. To meet the requirements for this support, you must have told us about a business closure within 12 months of your closure date. For example, if your business needed to close on 23 March 2020 due to restrictions set out by the Government, you must have informed us of this by 23 March 2021. If your business needed to close any time up to 31 July 2020, you must have let us know by 31 July 2021.

Please note that if your water use during these dates was over 5% of your usual consumption then charges will still be payable to your wholesaler, even if the business was closed. These charges will appear on your bill. You don’t need to tell us about any periods of closure later than 31 July 2020.

Read our Q&A page to find out more about the support measures that retailers were able to offer during the initial crisis period.

Businesses in Scotland

The Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) introduced charge relief schemes for Scottish businesses that have been affected by the pandemic.

Until 31st March 2022, customers having difficulty making payments could benefit from a Wholesale Charge Deferral Scheme which was a temporary change to water and sewerage charging arrangements. If your business is based in Scotland, find out more by visiting our Q&A page.

Meter reading

We’re continuing to read meters during ongoing government restrictions wherever we can. However, where we can’t access internal meters in premises that are temporarily closed, reads will be rescheduled. Please provide us with a meter reading whenever it’s possible and safe to do so, which will help keep your account updated.

How meter reads help control your costs

Meter reads are vital to improve the accuracy of your bills. Our system uses reads to estimate your charges from one billing period to the next. By giving regular reads, your bills will more accurately reflect your actual water use, particularly during this unsettled time. Without a recent read, your bills will be estimated based on past consumption data, which may not reflect your current use. This means your bills may be higher than they need to be.

You can quickly and easily submit a meter reading online or via your online account. Read our guide if you need help reading your meter.

Meter reads also help to discover potential leaks. If your consumption unexpectedly goes up, this could be due to a leak.

Find out how to check for a leak and how we can help.

Paying your bill

While we know this is a difficult time for many businesses, please continue to pay for the water you use if you’re able to. If you’d like peace of mind that your bill will be paid on time, you can arrange to pay by Direct Debit.

Providing us with meter reads will also help by keeping your estimated charges down if you’re using less or no water.

If you're concerned about paying your bill, find out how we're supporting customers in financial difficulty due to COVID-19 and how to access support.

Need to get in touch?

We’ve included lots of frequently asked questions in our Q&A section, but if you can’t find what you need online then please get in touch. Our phone lines remain very busy, so it’s likely you'll get through to us more quickly using web chat.

Thank you to our customers for working together with us during this challenging time.

Remember, unless the stopcock is off, you may have water flowing through your meter while your premises are empty.

Find out about payment support

Read about how we can help if you’re in financial difficulty.

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