Single visit solves leak

Our customer, a small-to-medium sized enterprise specialising in software development, got in touch with us after they received a high water bill. Year on year, the site saw its water consumption increase, so a leak seemed like a logical explanation.

After speaking to Wave, the customer completed a Leak and Flow test which confirmed a leak on their external underground supply. As a result, our team immediately arranged a proposal for a Leakage Find and Fix survey to investigate further.

Same day leakage fix and find

Our contractors visited the site in June, three business days after receiving the original request. The site had unexpectedly long pipework so finding the leak could have taken some time. But after a few trial excavations, the team were able to narrow down the area and locate, repair and backfill their work all in a single day. This meant there was minimal interruption to their operations and our customer could get back to business quickly.

Minimising waste and saving money

The Wave team responded proactively to the company’s needs and fixed the issue instantly. Their waste usage fell from 13.5m3 to 2.94m3 once we resolved the leak and, after approaching the wholesaler on the customer’s behalf, they were granted an allowance of 1855m3 against sewerage, saving them £3,057.23. This made sure the business was only paying for the water they used, and nothing was wasted.

Speaking on behalf of Wave, Lauren, Business Development Manager said: “The customer contacted us querying their high bill. As the increase was quite significant, we needed the customer to confirm where the leak was by completing a Leak and Flow Test themselves.”

“The results showed that the issue was an external underground leak, so we provided the customer with a proposal for a Leakage Find and Fix survey which was soon accepted. Our contractors then visited the site and did what they do best - located and fixed the leak for the customer.”

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