Saving London Shop £1,700

Our client, a London-based shop, is one of the largest of its kind, so keeping their site safe and dry is paramount. When an unexpectedly high water reading was found, the client got in touch with their Wave account manager to help.

Higher than expected water rates

The team at the shop contacted Wave after an unexpectedly high water reading. Their average daily water consumption had jumped from 4.40m3 in July to 13.9m3 in December. As their water usage had not changed dramatically, a leak was the natural conclusion for the increase. With advice from Wave, the customer completed a Leak and Flow test, which confirmed a leak on their private supply. Our team quickly arranged a Leakage Find and Fix survey, after establishing the issue was between the meter and the building’s entry point.

Our contractors attended the site and found a broken pipe that was in fact entirely unfit for purpose and needed replacing. Due to the integrity of the pipework, they worked to replace 45 meters of the supply to not only fix the leak, but to prevent any further bursts happening in the future. Once the new pipework was fitted, the meter was checked and found to be stationary, which confirmed the leak had been resolved.

Cash savings on future water bills

Our contractors were on site for three days and fully repaired the pipework to stop all leaks. Our work led to £1,711 in savings for the site, who no longer need to worry about excessive water bills or risk of leaks inside or outside their property.

Speaking on behalf of Wave, Business Development Manager, Lauren, said: “The customer contacted us querying the high bill. With such a significant increase we assumed it was an external underground leak, however we needed the customer to confirm it by completing a leak and flow test which they carried out immediately.”

“The results proved what we already suspected and that it was indeed an external underground leak. Following the acceptance of our Leakage Find and Fix Survey, our contractors attended site and found a broken piece of pipework which they repaired. Rather than just fix that one leak and leave, our team recommended replacing further sections of the pipework. They knew that if they didn’t replace these now, they would be back out in the future repairing further leaks where the pressure had built back up which would cost the customer more money.”

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