Minimising water waste in local park

Our customer, a recreation area in South East England, spotted a high bill that implied water consumption had significantly increased with no clear reason, so they got in touch with Wave for some advice.

High bill alerts customer of potential leak

The on-site maintenance team at the park investigated across the site for any water issues after receiving an unexpectedly high water bill. Their average daily water consumption had increased from 21m3 in March to 76m3 in September but the team at the park couldn’t find anything to explain the increase, so they called their account manager at Wave.

Our Water Efficiency team put forward a proposal for a Leakage Find and Fix survey on the same day the customer contacted us, and we visited the park promptly once they’d accepted. Once on site our team confirmed the water meter was showing constant flow and began to investigate possible sites for the leak. After finding an area of potential leak noise, we then began excavating where we found a failing tee piece in the pipework which could be quickly replaced. To make sure we’d found the only leak on their supply, our team checked the water meter again once the new pipework was in place. This time, the readings were static, which confirmed there was no further leakage and the grounds could be backfilled and returned to their previous state. This was all carried out in a single day.

Accurate Automatic Meter Readers ordered

To help avoid leaks going unnoticed again, our customer has since purchased an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) to measure flow, pressure and temperature. By having access to more regular data and alerts when their water consumption changes, they’ll be able to catch issues more quickly.

Lauren, Business Development Manager for Wave said: “The customer had been investigating this with their onsite team for a while before contacting us for advice. I met with them to understand the background and what had already happened at the site, and it was clear that nobody had investigated a possible leak.”

“Due to the type of site we couldn’t carry out a Leak and Flow Test, but we needed Leak Detection Specialists to determine if there was a leak, and if there was, to locate and repair it. The Leak Detection Specialists were able to do this in one working shift. By the time we had found and fixed the leak the customer’s bill was extremely high, so I advised them to purchase an AMR so that in future they would be alerted to an issue much sooner.“

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