Kirklea Chalet

Kirklea Chalet

We are a cosy, comfortable self catering chalet located in the village of Vatisker on the Isle of Lewis. The chalet is based on an elevated site with stunning views across Broadbay.

We are a single site on the Isle of Lewis, and water is just another one of our utilities. We were looking for a helpful, no-nonsense supplier who could explain our charges and help us to get a water contract we were happy with.

From word of mouth, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at the possibility of reducing our spend on water. Not knowing where to look for quotes or indeed if, what we were paying was reasonable, we turned to Google and came across a very helpful website called Scotland On Tap. We didn't have a preference or know much about the retailers on the site so we chose to cast our net wide and receive quotes from all of them. 

One of the first quotes we received was from NWG Business and we were very pleased with the potential savings NWG Business could achieve for us. A couple of days later, we received a courtesy call from a member of staff and they were able to clearly explain the quote to us and were very helpful at answering our questions.

 Helpful, friendly staff made the change as easy as possible. Everything was explained properly. 

My wife and I were happy with everything that NWG Business were offering and so decided to choose them for our water services. From the beginning, the process was very quick and easy. The member of staff that we spoke with regularly was able to offer support and assistance throughout. 

Having successfully switched suppliers, we are very pleased that we made the decision to look for a new retailer. We are delighted with the savings that NWG Business have been able to achieve us.

Mr & Mrs A. Campbell

Kirklea Chalet