Vacant Charging in Scotland

Changes to Vacant Charging for non-household properties in Scotland

From 1st April 2017, the Scottish Government is changing the way vacant non-domestic properties are billed for water and waste services.

If you own a vacant non-domestic property which is connected to the public water network, you will be charged for water, sewerage and drainage.    This change also applies to buildings which are condemned and/or listed. 

If this affects you there’s some information below which may help.

  1. Disconnect your supply

If you don’t want to pay these ongoing charges, you can get the property disconnected.  Your Licenced Provider (LP) can help you with this process and can also confirm the charges you’ll pay from Scottish Water. 

  1. The property is no longer vacant

If the property is no longer vacant, give your Licenced Provider (LP) a call and they can update the records. 

For more information, visit the Scottish Government’s website: or feel free to get in touch.